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Personal Brain lets you create a digital map of your mind,
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PersonalBrain is a powerful and dynamic mind mapping software that lets you work the way you think. It lets you to organize ideas, projects, contacts, files, and Web pages associatively to capture your thinking and perspective. You can use PersonalBrain for business projects or for your own use at home, so you can get the big picture on all your information and drill down to the right file or detail in seconds. See key relationships and ideas at glance. Map out your thinking and complex business processes. Visualize folder structures, business relationships, contacts and ideas.

PersonalBrain expresses individual topics as nodes in a mind map, a 3-D representation of the relationships between topics. This mind map is referred to as a Brain. Topics in PersonalBrain parlance are called thoughts. Main thoughts (called Parent thoughts) can have Child thoughts (thoughts related to the main or parent thought), Siblings (thoughts related to the child thoughts), and Jumps (links to different thoughts).

To create a Brain, you start by entering a single thought and begin connecting it together with other thoughts. A thought can represent any type of information: it could be as simple as a person's name or as rich as a photograph of that person. The result, if done carefully, can be a useful means of visually mapping the naturally interconnected thoughts swirling around in your (physical) brain. Any thought can be related to any other thought and to as many thoughts as necessary. That means that you can take different paths to the same thought, depending on context, which is not unlike the way people really think.

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